Hero of the Month

August 2011 Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Fernando Castro, UMC Children’s Hospital's Hero of the Month!

Fernando came to us in July after many days of pain in his stomach. He was at home and the pain was so bad that he was not able to walk so his parents brought him to the hospital. After multiple tests it was discovered that Fernando’s Appendix had ruptured. This rupture was causing Fernando's pain but and an infection that made Fernando very sick. Fernando was rushed to the Operating Room for emergency surgery. His appendix was removed but Fernando was still very sick. He was placed on a breathing machine and taken to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He was placed in a medical coma for several days. Fernando had to return to the operating room several more times to clean the infection. Fernando slowly began improving. He was taken off the breathing machine and the medications were decreased. Fernando has always been positive with his illness and being in the hospital. Fernando is a great patient, always doing what the doctors and nurses have asked him to do. While this has been difficult Fernando has had a smile on his face, and even enjoyed being in the hospital with his family and staff. Fernando has come a long way since he first got admitted and we are proud of his recovery!


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