Family Retreat Room

Having a child in the hospital can be exhausting for parents. Watching their little one go through tests and exams, waiting for results and signs of progress can take an emotional toll on moms and dads. Having a place to go inside the hospital to be able to recharge can help parents have a renewed outlook when they go back to their child’s beside.

The UMC Foundation understands parent’s needs and has put its funding power behind a brand new, comfortable respite room, allowing parents a few quiet moments to themselves. UMC Children’s Hospital recently unveiled the new Family Retreat Room through a generous donation.

“For the family who has been up all night worrying about their child, we hope this area will give them a chance to refresh and recharge,” said President of the UMC Foundation Harry Hagerty.

The relaxing room is complete with seating areas, a kitchenette stocked with refreshments, a work area with access to the hospital’s wi-fi network and small nap areas. “We want parents to know we care just as much about them, as we do their children. We want to do everything possible to make the entire family’s stay with us comfortable so they can concentrate on helping their children feel better,” said Hagerty.

The new space is just one of the many kind contributions the Foundation has provided to UMC Children’s Hospital.