Safety and Security

A hospital is a very busy place with many visitors passing through. The entire staff here has been trained on security and all hospital employees are required to wear their UMC picture identification at all times. There are security guards and surveillance cameras throughout the institution and within the pediatric area. We also ask for your assistance in the following ways:

  1. Both units, Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, within the Children’s Center are secure units. This is for your child’s safety. All visitors must call the unit to gain access. Please DO NOT allow others to come in through the doors that are open as this breaches our security and can put your child as well as others at risk.
  2. Please be alert to strangers entering your room and notify a member of the hospital staff immediately.
  3. If someone enters your room to transport your child or take your child for a test or a procedure, please make sure they have proper UMC identification tags.
  4. When you are allowed to access through a door, please do not let others through.
  5. Please contact your nurse or a security officer if you notice any suspicious or questionable activity.
  6. Please make sure that the side rails of your child’s crib or bed are up at all times when you are not there to protect your child from a fall.

Picture identification is required at the time of discharge. Please make sure that you have some form of identification when picking up your child at discharge.

Infection Control

An important goal in patient care is to prevent the spread of infection to patients, visitors and staff. Therefore, there may be times when the health of your child or another patient will affect who may come to visit. For this reason, we also ask that parents refrain from visiting other patients in the unit. We can help you understand what precautions are needed to promote healing and prevent the spread of infection.

Because children under 14 are more likely to carry germs and infections, we ask that they not visit your child while in the hospital. Visitors who have been recently exposed to a contagious illness (like measles or chicken pox) or who are sick with a nasal or stomach illness (like a cold or flu) are asked not to visit. We also ask that all visitors wash their hands when they enter the child’s room. This is the best way to prevent germs from spreading.